Music Workshops & Programs


Jack’s programs provide an uplifting experience that leaves everyone – young and old – with a smile through both his music and spirit…


Spend some time making music with RiverJack Z (a.k.a. Jack Zucchini, the guitar-playing singer/songwriter from The Zucchini Brothers). When he is joined by Mikey D, they are known as The Tick Brothers. During a 60-75 minute songwriting session, join Jack (or both Tick Brothers) as we explore the craft of songwriting by composing and recording a song that is uniquely our own, based on a theme of your choice (i.e. Summer Reading Program theme) or a curriculum-related topic. We will work cooperatively to form a musical composition by:

brainstorming ideas
writing lyrics
composing a melody
gaining personal experience with the creative process.

The song is then rehearsed and recorded, and the library or school receives a high-quality audio file containing our song to share with family and friends online! 

Classroom workshops require:

  • teacher assistance
  • a minimum of 8’ X 16’ of space
  • 75-minute setup and one hour teardown
  • one or two people to help load equipment in and out
  • a group of up to 25 students – although larger groups will work with prior coordination


Typically, teachers and Jack work together on the general theme of the workshop. Successful themes have included character education (honesty, compassion, peace, and respect) and others such as environment, health and nutrition, self esteem, bullying, school/classroom rules, any curriculum based content area or subject area you would like to see reinforced through music….basically, anything under the sun you’d like a song about.

For New York State workshops, Jack is listed with BOCES Arts In Education programs for which district aid is available.

Listen to a funky little ditty about nutrition written and recorded with 2nd graders:


Jack also works with groups and individuals who have special needs, including autism and behavioral challenges. This type of program involves a more therapeutic approach where he brings his music to them and works with the group on whatever level they are comfortable with. This could mean simply introducing sounds, playing his guitar, singing a few songs, or actually writing and recording a song with them, depending on their ability level. When working with students with behavioral problems (typically middle and high school), Jack offers a more inspirational program, focused on building their confidence to be all they can be in life.


Residencies are extended programs that typically last from 2 to 5 days. Residencies may culminate in:

  • the creation of an entire album of songs centered around a character education theme
  • music videos to go along with the newly created original songs
  • creation of a class storybook/song package developed in coordination with the classroom teacher. Check out the Peace Pizza storybook and song.

Due to the wide range of possibilities, residencies are often unique to the school or program. Jack would love to talk with you about this great opportunity for extended creativity and inspiration!


College-level workshops are very similar in structure to the K-12 workshops, but differ in terms of theme and outcome. Working with Teacher Education students, Residence Advisors, Club Leadership, and in classroom settings, Jack works with young adults on such themes as peace, following one’s bliss, making the most of the future, and other motivational topics. Emphasis is placed on the team-building approach, communications process, and methods of collaboration.


Teacher training workshops are geared to help teachers master the technology that will allow them to “loop” with their students. Jack covers everything from the fundamentals of recording to the process of composing and creating a finished product. Teachers will leave the training with the confidence to introduce their students to a whole new world of musical possibilities.


Corporate functions build on the college-level workshops, but focus primarily on themes of diversity, acceptance, team-building, creativity, and other topics. Jack’s workshops help you to kickstart your creativity in a fun, relaxed way and will give you a fresh attitude to bring back into the office world along with a new song to sing around the workplace.


For seniors, the program may involve a solo performance and/or a songwriting workshop or walking around the home and visiting those who are bed ridden and singing a song or two for them bedside.


Everything we play is live! Jack and Mike play various instruments at the same time and also use live recording “loop” technology to achieve a full band sound. Layering percussion, bass, acoustic/electric guitars, harmonica, vocals, and various other instruments and sounds, we achieve a full band sound with a noise level suitable for any room.

What is “Live Looping”?

Live looping is a 21st-century, live-performance art form where groups of sounds are recorded via digital technology, layered and mixed in continuously-repeating loops to create spontaneous musical tracks that provide the basis for Jack & Mike and the workshop participants to compose and perform a unique song. 

Many of Jack’s workshops and residencies incorporate performance – either as an ensemble (Jack and the students together) or with his brother Mikey D as the Tick Brothers. The Tick Brothers enjoy performing at summer camps, campgrounds, theaters, festivals, restaurants & pubs, coffee shops, music series, pool parties, campfire sing-a-longs, backyard bonfires, etc.

The Tick Brothers’ performances are highly interactive, acoustic/electric and intimate with a selection of “Rivergrass” originals and familiar covers. The Tick Brothers have many scheduled performances throughout the northeast in all different types of venues. Check the News page for a performance near you…or go to the Booking page to find out how you can contact them directly for future events.

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