Welcome to the online home of RiverJack Z!

montageRiverJack Z (Jack Zucchini) & Steve Zucchini have been performing music together for over 30 years . Come to a show and they will gladly share the history of their name…a tale not to be missed! This duo of brothers puts out a full band sound that’s sure to soothe the soul and rock your bones! Perfect for any gathering, any time, anywhere that folks congregate for a good time… Explore this site and learn about the coolest zucchinis in the garden. Providing songwriting workshops, music video production residencies and performances and – or check the calendar to see where Jack & Steve Zucchini (formerly the Zucchini Brothers) will be performing next.

RiverJack Z’s programs are fun, engaging, and motivating, interweaving positive life skills, content knowledge, and composition skills. His highly engaging style motivates the audience to participate actively in the creative process. Through dynamic performance, demonstration, and audience participation, RiverJack Z provides an introduction to the processes of songwriting, recording, and “looping,” leaving students with a finished product they are proud to call their own.

Please feel free to contact Jack with your booking questions!

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