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Educational – Motivating – Entertaining!

The Tick Brothers are RiverJack Z & Mikey D. Come to a show and they will gladly share the history of their name…a tale not to be missed! This duo of brothers ( from another mother ) puts out a full band sound that’s sure to soothe the soul and rock your bones! Perfect for any gathering, any time, anywhere that folks congregate for a good time…

RiverJack Z is perhaps best known as guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for the renowned Zucchini Brothers, recipients of several esteemed awards and critical acclaim for their children’s albums and music videos. The Zucchini Brothers were well known for their concerts in schools, theaters, and festivals throughout the country, as well as their internationally syndicated weekly radio show, The Zucchini Brothers, Live! at the Clubhouse. The Zucchini Brothers are no longer performing together as a band.

A while ago now, Jack took up residence “down by the river” with the lush farmlands and the magical forests of Upstate New York as a backdrop. He adopted the name “RiverJack Z” and developed Hudson “Rivergrass,” a fresh sound that synthesizes diverse musical styles, a variety of instruments, and lots of fresh air and sunshine for added inspiration.

Jack received both New York State teacher certification and a B.S. degree in elementary education from Plattsburgh State University. He’s been putting his background in education – and his love of music – to good use by creating unique songwriting programs for groups of students in grades K-12 and at the college level. He also conducts teacher training and corporate workshops. And of course, he loves playing shows for audiences of all ages.


Mike Derrico was born into a very musical family. His father Pete was a professional musician and passed this gift down to his son. In fact, when Pete was asked what Mike’s first word was, he insists that it was “Guitar”.

Mike has studied and performed internationally. He has played on numerous jingles and soundtracks. When asked about other’s who have influenced or guided his musical journey, Mike says that in regards to guitar, there are two people who come to mind. Gary “The Shark” Howard (Gary co-wrote the hit “The Bud That Killed Elvis”) has helped Mike with his tone and his live rig set-up. Mike says “Gary is a monster player. And his blues licks are ‘da bomb'”.

Mike also studied intensively with Ron “3-fret” Paone. Mike was the only guitar student that 3-fret accepted. His 3-fret method has helped Mike with his technique, phrasing and composition. Unfortunately, Ron is no longer teaching and has pursued another career. Mike continues to teach his “3-fret method” privately and is really enjoying playing with The Tick Brothers.”All of my efforts are paying off”.

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